Why Housewarmers?

Beat your competition to their door with our industry exclusive program!

The Hidden Value of a Housewarmers Welcome

What would it cost someone in your office to welcome new residents? It’s an expensive prospect to try and personally welcome newcomers by yourself. The chart below shows an estimate of what a typical business would pay:

Number of new residents each month

Minimum cost to purchase monthly lists
(buying each month gives the most up-to-date names)
Prepare list for delivery
(refine the list and organize by map code)
Produce welcome material
(design time/paper and printing costs)
Personally greet new residents
(time, gas and gift bag for each delivery)
Average cost of a Housewarmers welcome
(cost varies with your commitment)
Partner with Housewarmers and save!

Housewarmers is a cost effective way to personally get your name in front of potential customers – a critical step in competing with the big box stores that are moving in on your business. You can take the time and money saved by partnering with Housewarmers and spend it on follow-up marketing with our verified new resident list.

We love Housewarmers. We have found more and more people are coming into the Y because they get the information in their new neighbor packet! It's an easy way to get the word about the Y to people that are new to our community.

Bonnie La Vielle

Executive Director, J.E.R. Chilton YMCA at Rockwall

A Housewarmers Gift Bag has real value for New Residents, makes a great impression for your business and provides a strong border for all the pieces of your marketing puzzle.

Beat your competition to their door with our industry exclusive program!

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