Bag Sponsor and Resident Testimonials

See What Our Bag Sponsors and Bag Recipients Have to Say About Housewarmers
It was nice to be welcomed to the neighborhood, especially coming from so far away. Being new to the area, we appreciated the information of what was available to us.
D.S., New Resident

Prosper, TX

Being Welcomed by Housewarmers was such a blessing.  We are new in town, and did not even meet a neighbor yet when we were greeted by their representative.  We appreciated all the useful information on the City, schools and local events and businesses.  All the gifts inside the bag were an extra bonus!
Melanie C., New Resident

Sachse, TX

Water of Life Church has been part of Housewarmers since 2013.  It has been a joy to work with them and participating in their new resident Program has been smooth sailing all the way!  Their personal touch both with us and welcoming new residents to the community are a benefit beyond any price tag.

Rev. James Jarrett

Reverend, Water of Life Lutheran Church

Thank you for the gifts yesterday.  Everyone has been so nice here in Granbury and your gifts were icing on the cake.  The coupons are fantastic and I will try to use those companies that support the cause of welcoming neighbors in the area.

M.S., New Resident

Granbury, TX

It was a fun experience to receive a thank you bag after living in Royse City for over 20 years. I was amazed at all the wonderful gifts from local businesses and my husband and I actually have reconnected to participating in City/Chamber events and festivals.  We have also reconnected to how cool historic downtown Royse City is!  Great food and shopping!

Sue P., Current Resident

Royse City, TX

We are very pleased with how many new folks are coming into the Winery after being greeted and receiving information in Housewarmers Welcome Bag!

Bob Landon

Owner, Landon Winery

It was such a great surprise to receive my “Welcome Bag” when I moved to Royse City.  All the community information I received was a relief because I had no idea where to go for anything.  I would of never had the chance to meet and know all the great people I know today if I had not received that wonderful Red Welcome Bag.  So come on and answer your door!  You will not be sorry!
Shannan P., New Resident

Royse City, TX

Kimberley is one of the best. If you own a business you need to meet Kimberley and put your promotional products in her bag.

Frisco, TX

We have been working with Housewarmers since 2008. We appreciate the special care they give to the new residents in the area, taking the extra step to welcome new families to the community. As a small business, we have a limited marketing budget. We have received the best return on the marketing investment with Housewarmers. We are proud to be a part of their welcome bags.

Stacie Van Voorst, OD

Developmental Optometry, Prosper Family Eyecare

When we moved into our new home Linda showed up within a few days to welcome us to our home and neighborhood.  It was wonderful having a person show up at front door with a goody bag filled with coupons and brochures from Allen, all things that would be useful to me.  Even though I’ve lived in the area 17 years, I was introduced to new companies.

C.S., New Resident

Allen, TX

I was thrilled receiving my red bag from Housewarmers! It was filled with wonderful gifts and useful information about the community.  It makes the transition from another city less stressful.
Beth C., New Resident

Wylie, TX

Such a wonderful surprise to have someone meet you at the door with a bag full of wonderful goodies as well as great information about the town and community! I was so excited to get all the stuff and find the great coupons inside! The greeter was so sweet and informative- thank you so much for welcoming our family – it truly made us all feel so welcome!!!! Kimberley – you’re the best!!!!
Denise L., New Resident

Frisco, TX

We were amazed that after living in Rowlett for 20 years that we would receive a wonderful gift bag thanking us for being Citizens of Rowlett.  It really made us realize why we still choose to live in the Community and this really encouraged us to participate in more City Sponsored events!

Robert S., Current Resident

Rowlett, TX

The J.E.R Chilton YMCA loves what Housewarmers does for our community!  They do an excellent job at connecting new residents to the YMCA.

Jocelyn Craig

Membership Director, J.E.R. Chilton YMCA at Rockwall

It was such a joy to meet Kimberly when we moved in last year. I have enjoyed getting to know her and she has been helpful to me in so many ways! The gift bag was very useful in helping to find out about local businesses. It is great knowing that this town has a welcoming committee!
T.B., New Resident

Prosper, TX

I received a Housewarmers Welcome bag and was amazed at how connected I became to the Community.  I redeemed the offers and found the information in the Community guide so helpful.  I read about the Volunteer opportunities and immediately signed up as a Volunteer at Helping Hands thrift store.  I even found out information about nearby Greenville, Tx and all the Music events that take place there.  I really enjoyed getting a personal Welcome letter from the Mayor!
Anita H., New Resident

Fate, TX

Mary Johnson with Housewarmers has connected new residents moving to the area with my local business for many years with the delivery of promotional items to their doorstep. I would recommend Housewarmers to any business, big or small. At local events, Mary and her team have always promoted my business whether it was a crowd of 10 or 300. She has the ability to help you build relationships with future clients and other businesses. Mary has the biggest heart, cares about local businesses, and has the talent to tie it all together. You will not be disappointed with Housewarmers.

Dr. Munn

Optometrist in Royse City, Southern Eyecare

My husband, Derek, and I SOOOO appreciate your warm kindness and generosity. Housewarmers made us feel so welcome in our new home in TX. What a way to put a smile on a new resident’s face! We didn’t even know such a company existed before we moved! Thank you for all of the goodies from the local vendors and companies. We’ve already put a few to good use, and look forward to using the coupon booklet.

Michelle N., New Resident

Celina, TX

Loved receiving my Housewarming bag! Being from another city, it truly helped make the transition easier. Awesome way to give back to the community and small businesses around!

Stefani, New Resident

Prosper, TX

It meant so much to us to receive our housewarming gift from you!  Made our move here even more special!  Thank you so much…we’ve already enjoyed coupons and appreciate information about the community.

T.S., New Resident

Granbury, TX

What a great concept!  We have lived in Wylie for 8 years and got a red bag filled with goodies and information about local businesses.  The timing was great because our home is older and we were able to utilize some of the offers in the bag.  We also signed up for the Housewarmers Monthly Community Newsletter and have redeemed some of the offers from local merchants!

Sandra F., Current Resident

Wylie, TX

We are always pleased with the effective Community Marketing that Housewarmers provides for us in the Welcome Bags.  We utilize their Community Newsletters and email blasts quite often.  We definitely have seen people come to our events that say we found out about this from the Housewarmers Newsletter!

Tyler Stearns

Sales Director, Rock Ridge Assisted Living

It is so nice that you welcome people to town. Moving somewhere new is hard but having resources provided to you so that you know what is going on in your new town is great. It gives my family and I the opportunity to step out and meet new people and experience new things.
S.C., New Resident

Greenville, TX

Kimberley is passionate about connecting new residents to quality businesses, services, products, etc. If you want help getting the word out about your business, Kimberley is the person to call! She is kind, personable, and so very helpful!
Kim Hunt

Frisco, TX

Kim does a great job Welcoming Newcomers to the Frisco area with solid information to help you settle in, and awesome Housewarming gifts.


Owner, George's Hot Sauce & BBQ

I so enjoyed receiving the Welcome Gift Bag from Housewarmers!  It was wonderful to be warmly greeted on my doorstep and find out about Rockwall and we really loved the offers and gifts from local businesses.
Anita B., New Resident

Rockwall, TX

The Housewarmers bag was great! It gave excellent recommendations for service providers we were looking for in our new neighborhood.
N.H., New Resident

Prosper, TX

Your New Best Friend Cleaning Service is a 10 year old residential/light commercial cleaning company head-quartered in Allen. As a new business starting out in the challenging year of 2009, we tried many different forms of advertising to get the word out about our wonderful company. For the past 5 years we have ONLY advertised with Housewarmers of Allen. As soon as the welcome bags drop, our phones start ringing. Linda Munson and her team do an exceptional job of promoting local businesses who advertise with Housewarmers. I receive many calls where the conversation begins with “I met Linda or a member of her team” and your company came highly recommended for cleaning!!! Housewarmers has gone above and beyond to assist me in growing my business!! If you are not using [Housewarmers] for advertising, you are missing a great opportunity for business growth!!

Laurie Aylor

Owner, Your New Best Friend Cleaning Service

Having lived in my home for 12 years, imagine my surprise when I was pleasantly greeted by a Housewarmers representative  with a beautiful red bag in tow filled with items from our local businesses and a Thank you letter from the Mayor of Rockwall.  It’s wonderful to have a company like this that continues to make me feel welcome in my community!

Julie W., Current Resident

Rockwall, TX

We were so glad we were greeted by Housewarmers! We had just moved into the Devonshire Development in Forney and my wife and I were just beginning to look around and find out about local businesses and find some interesting things to do. When we received the Welcome Bag it introduced us to everything we were looking for!
L.C., New Resident

Forney, TX

It was so nice to be welcomed to the Community at my front door, especially moving from so far away and to a new State.  Being new to the area we appreciated all the information and goodies that were in the red bag!
Robin C., New Resident

Rowlett, TX

Being greeted by Housewarmers was a great way to get acclimated to the surrounding businesses and services the city provided. Wonderful way to feel welcomed!

Jennifer, New Resident

Prosper, TX