History of Housewarmers

An idea and the desire to be their own boss

A New Way to Welcome Families to the Area!

Housewarmers was started in 1999 by two busy moms in McKinney, Texas. They both wanted to quit their full-time jobs in order to have more time for their young and growing families, but they needed to provide some income. Their view of an ideal business opportunity was one that would:

  • Allow them to put family first
  • Be their own boss, on their own work schedule
  • Have low entry cost and fast operational ramp-up
  • Made a profit quickly, and then build a sustaining business

Nice objectives…and unsurprisingly, nothing seemed to fit! But then they realized that their rapidly-growing community had no service to welcome the hundreds of new families moving to the area each year. They saw an opportunity and developed the Housewarmers concept.

Eventually, friends and family began to catch on to their success and wanted to start their own Housewarmers operations. Other cities were added and a program for replicating the Housewarmers concept was developed.


Change in Ownership, but Not in Quality

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go smoothly, and outside issues caused the founders to find someone else to love and take care of their “baby.” Enter Kerry Johnson and Pud Kearns in the summer of 2005. Kerry, CPA by trade, brought the financial acumen and business skills and Pud brought experience in direct mail, retail, design, sales and public speaking to the company. Together, they’ve worked to take Housewarmers to the next level with solid branding and expanded training.

Housewarmers continues to help individuals become business owners — and neighbors become friends – in communities across Texas. “Our model has expanded from the work-at-home mother to include people of all ages and from all walks of life who are eager to become Housewarmers affiliates,” says Kerry. “It is so exciting to see these folks enjoy the freedom and success that the Housewarmers concept brings, while simultaneously making a real difference in their communities.”


Visit the affiliate website at HousewarmersAllen.com


Visit the affiliate website at HousewarmersAubrey.com

Royse City/Fate

Visit the affiliate website at HousewarmersRoyseCity.com


Visit the affiliate website at HousewarmersGreenville.com


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Visit the affiliate website at HousewarmersRockwall.com


Visit the affiliate website at HousewarmersForney.com


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Visit the affiliate website at HousewarmersWylie.com

Little Elm

Visit the affiliate website at HousewarmersLittleElm.com


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Visit the affiliate website at HousewarmersMcKinney.com

If anyone had told me that I was going to be working for myself and loving what I was doing, I would said they were crazy. I purchased my Housewarmers business from a couple who were dealing with family illness and needed to free up their time to handle other obligations. Working with the folks at Housewarmers Corporate has been wonderful. They were right there to help me with the transition and have continued to support my business in so many ways. I have been delighted by the camaraderie with the other affiliate owners, too. It is like nothing I have experienced in my professional career. We are a true team and a family!

Housewarmers of Rockwall, Rowlett, Forney/Terrell, Wylie/Sachse/Murphy and Royse City

Blair & Mary Johnson

Housewarmers Affiliate, Housewarmers of Rockwall

We have concentrated our efforts in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana in order to provide the best affiliate support. Currently, we have affiliates in the following Texas cities:

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