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The Housewarmers Gift Bag

Gift Bag Gift Bag Delivery Magical is the only thing you can call something that instantly transforms people from strangers into neighbors. The Housewarmers Gift Bag is our signature feature that connects residents with their community, on a personal level. It is colorful, reusable and recyclable. Who can resist something so nice…and so free?

Filled with Housewarmers Sponsor Gift Book, Community Guide and surrounded by nifty Gift Items and information about the area, our Gift Bag is a treat for everyone.

All personally delivered to the homes of new residents! We never "ring and run."

Each Housewarmers Gift Bag includes:

  • A personal welcome and gift from our Representative
  • A Community Guide containing helpful local information and important telephone numbers, a map and directory indicating the locations all the Bag Sponsors, and ads spotlighting Bag Sponsors.
  • The Housewarmers Gift Certificate Booklet with generous offers from our Bag Sponsors
  • Gifts and promotional items from your business
  • Gifts, brochures and marketing information from other Bag Sponsors
  • Community information from local attractions and nonprofit organizations

Good Neighbor 7 Point Marketing System The Good Neighbor 7-Point Marketing System™ is one of the things that sets us apart,and the Housewarmers Gift Bag is its most important element! Personal delivery of the gift bags is designed to make a good first impression...and then keep working, touching each resident we greet at least 7 times.

Studies show that it takes repeated touches before a prospect remembers your company’s name or visits your business. With the Housewarmers Good Neighbor 7 Point Marketing System™, your business has the opportunity for multiple touches. All for one low price!




Good Neighbor 7 Point Marketing System

New Residents are High-Value Customer Prospects

The Hidden Value of a Housewarmers Welcome

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The Housewarmers Gift Bag

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